Who are we?

The University of Ostrava considers the support of students with special needs as one if its priorities and has been helping for several years to make the opportunities for study equal for all applicants and students with various forms of disabilities or disadvantages.

The Pyramida Centre was found in the academic year 2008/2009 and currently it supports more than 100 registered students with special needs.

As a university-wide centre we provide expert counseling, technical and therapeutic service at all faculties of the University of Ostrava. We focus our activities also on academic and non-academic employees whom we provide expert counseling, consultations and practical workshops aimed at the work with such students.

Who are we here for?

Our coordinators help people with disabilities, disadvantages or limitations that need be taken into consideration in their studies. We help to overcome the negative consequences of the disability related to barriers in higher education.

The door of the University of Ostrava is open for students with visual and hearing impairment, physical disability, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities and mental or chronic diseases including communication disorders.

Where do you find us?

The Pyramida Centre is situated on the ground floor of the University Library UO building, Bráfova 3 street, Moravská Ostrava. There you can find our coordinators who will help you during the consultation hours (Monday - Friday, 9:30 – 14:30). Personal consultations with the coordinators are better to be agreed on in advance via email or telephone.

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Pyramida Centre
for students with special needs
Bráfova 3
702 00
Moravská Ostrava
Ground floor

Updated: 09. 02. 2022