Students with Special Needs

You can register to Pyramida Centre at any time during the studies at UO.

Each registered student has the right to use all offered services and support related to his/her specific needs. At the same time, the student is obliged to follow the internal regulations and methodological documents of the University of Ostrava.

To register, you must provide one the following documents:

  • documentation of invalidity (of any degree)
  • documentation of disability
  • ID card for disability (of any degree)
  • documentation of specific learning disorder (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.)
  • documentation of specific autism spectrum disorder diagnosed by a comprehensive examination by clinical psychologist
  • medical report on the results of a specialist medical examination
  • commission decision of the Association of Service Providers for University Students with Special Needs (AP3SP)

After providing the necessary documents, a functional diagnosis is done. It is a targeted interview with a professional employee of the Pyramida Centre who will verify your competencies and assess the impact of your specific needs on the activities necessary for the study of your chosen field. Based on the functional diagnosis results, a so-called personal study plan is created. It contains recommendations for teachers on modifications of conditions of your study.

Possible support and services for registered students:

  • time compensation – extra time when working with text
  • tolerance of higher specific error rate in written texts
  • tolerance of higher absence in classes due to health reasons
  • personal assistance/study assistance
  • adaptation and digitalization of study materials
  • interpreting to Czech sign language (or sign Czech)
  • records/transcripts of lectures
  • assistive technology lending
  • accompaniment to classes and other study related activities
  • advice on organizational matters of the study
  • pedagogical and psychological counseling
  • consulting
  • proofreading of written texts
  • spacial orientation training
  • and others according to the individual specific needs of students

We put emphasis on professionalism, personal approach and maximum trust. You can come to us with any problem during your studies – preferably as soon as it appears, so that we are able to help you solve it in time.

Updated: 25. 02. 2021